ConvertXtoDVD 4.9/5
3462 reviews

comment eliminated all sync problems on W7 , windows dvd maker and DVDFLICK . it also burns faster. just couldn't/didn't see how much disc space was left/used . comment
12 July 2017

comment I use this Software ALL the Time. I love it. It is easy to use. Allows me to put All my videos on DVD. Thank You for making this software. comment
01 July 2017

comment Best product I have ever bought. easy to use and work perfectly comment
30 June 2017

comment I have used this software for many years. I had a version that was free but ended up paying just to show support. It is great and has let me convert any video file to DVD format with no problem allowing me to watch all my shows and movies on my DVD player easily. THANKS! comment
30 June 2017

comment "Just LUV It" The Best comment
28 June 2017

comment I have always loved it even the old version, I am trying to get the latest version but can not afford it right now, it would be good to get it for free!!!! comment
Alex Perez
28 June 2017

comment Have used this for a long time and have opted to pay and get life time updates as I am sure I will use this easy to understand and easy to use software forever! comment
Catherine Vosper
20 June 2017

comment I tried six different programs to create a video to burn to a disk player disk. This is the very best and the only one that accomplished it for an amateur. It is easy to use and does all the work for you if you follow the menus and instructions. I used only the trial and have no other projects, but I feel like I might buy it just to support a great product. comment
17 June 2017

comment I have been using this software from you for years and years and it is a perfect system. Always works and produces great DVDs to watch on TV. Keep up the great work. I will still use it for years to come. I am not a tech head and I find this software easy to understand and use. Thanks heaps. I am, one happy customer. Adriana comment
Adriana Baldari
14 June 2017

comment This software is Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'am retired or i would buy it. Great stuff!!!! comment
Timothy B.
30 May 2017

comment I absolutely love this. I don't know if there are alternatives to this, but I've never bothered to try. comment
29 May 2017

comment Very good comment
Brang Tawng Ndau
26 May 2017

comment Yay, I can finally make my slideshows to play in DVD players (Yes, some old folks still have those).. Love this! comment
25 May 2017

comment Have used program for many years. It has always worked flawlessly, creating professional menus easily. Highly recommended comment
Mike Parfitt
24 May 2017

comment A great program that does an excellent job of creating high quality DVD's. There are a lot of helpful options and configurations to get the result that you want. comment
Keith Ricketts
17 May 2017

comment Very nice and friendly software comment
15 May 2017

comment very good software comment
13 May 2017

comment great software, the best at what it does in my opinion. comment
10 May 2017

comment I've lived with various builds of ConvertXtoDVD since about 3.O, and I must say that 6.0 is a major improvement on the others--a similar interface, but with more options and better results. Kudos to VSO for a great product! comment
03 May 2017

comment it works good comment
Chris cole
30 April 2017

comment I am very grateful for the brilliant after sales service comment
Peter England
28 April 2017

comment A MUST HAVE for anyone that want to create DVDs in an easy and professional way. Totally recommended. Really great program, thanks to all the team involved. comment
27 April 2017

comment Amazing software, best out there! comment
Michael B,
24 April 2017

comment getting better all the time well pleased comment
Keith webb
20 April 2017

comment Have been trying out this software for around 10 day's. Can't fault it Works brilliantly Highly recommend comment
John Ferguson
18 April 2017

comment best dvd burner i've ever used comment
15 April 2017

comment I love your VSO Software.. comment
Alton Morrell
15 April 2017

comment much faster than other converters,very easy to use. comment
R williams
14 April 2017

comment I leke to use this product because the easy of use. comment
12 April 2017

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